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This section features on-board track day and karting videos from events I have participated in over the past few years, including the Le Mans 24hr kart race in France, racing for Race Drivers Inc (RDI) and for Porsheworx.


Latest Videos

  • Team Sport Karting – Arrive and drive (28th April 2018)

I went to Team Sport Crawley with 9 other people in April 2018. The format was a 15 minute session with everyone aiming for the fastest lap time.  I managed to set not only the fastest lap time of the day, but the fastest of the week with a 23.8. This video feature several overtakes, a banzai move or two which one didn’t pay off, but the other one did, but both against a friend who was proving a little tricky to overtake. If you wish to leave comments on Youtube, please click here >  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5V_yFqAQtbI5pf-qALhZ3g


  • Japfest, Silverstone (30th April 2017)

I attended Japfest at Silverstone on 30th April 2017, an absolutely huge Japanese car show featuring thousands of modified Japanese cars. As well as the static displays, there was plenty of track action as well. I went out on track in my Toyota Starlet Glanza V in the W session at 4:20pm. The first few laps I took her steady but you can see I got progressively faster as the session went on, overtaking some much more powerful and expensive cars. The rear grip wasn’t great so a lot of movement from the rear end going into the corners. Towards the end, the car temperature was running quite high. The wheels / brakes were so hot the centre caps on my wheels melted and fell out. If you wish to leave comments, please check out my video on Youtube  > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pB5BWDkU6eY&t=1s


  • Team Sport Karting – Qualifying (25th Feb 2016) 

Team Sport Karting – Race (25th Feb 2016) 

I went to Team Sport Crawley with 11 other people back in February 2016. The format was a 15 minute practice / qualifying session, followed by a 15 minute race. I qualified 1st and won the race from pole, and happy to take home a gold trophy in the shape of a helmet. Both videos feature many overtakes of back markers, a few love taps and going for gaps that didn’t really exist! Didn’t pick up any penalties though! In the race itself, my friend Adam was taken out and hit the wall on the down ramp. He ended up retiring from the race and ended up in East Surrey hospital! Luckily he’s since recovered. Enjoy the videos. If you wish to leave comments on Youtube, please visit my channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5V_yFqAQtbI5pf-qALhZ3g


  • Japfest, Castle Combe (16th May 2015)

My first time around Castle Combe in the driving seat in my Toyota Starlet Glanza and it was quite tricky. The cars handling was pretty bad, going light at the rear of some corners, then understeering a bit into others, and generally not feeling like a nice place to be. There’s also the added worry that Castle Combe is not very forgiving, so if you get it wrong, you’re going into the barriers, which is always on the back of your mind. Still, once the handling issues have been addressed, I’m going to come back to Combe for another blast and see if I can go a bit quicker. Fastest speed reached was 117Mph, GPS verified, but not shown in the video. Enjoy


  • Japfest 2, Donington Park (17th August 2014)

My third visit around Donington Park as part of the Japfest 2 car show. This time as part of the 12:40 intermediate session. Unfortunately just as we began the sighting laps (not shown in video), it started to rain, so by the time the footage starts, the track is already damp and the rain just got heavier. The result was using the available time to not only get used to some handling changes on the car, but also find the grip, whilst driving on summer tyres. A couple of drivers didn’t adapt to the conditions and caused two seperate red flag incidents, resulting in a slightly disappointing session on track. Enjoy the video


  • PCGB Round 5, Buckmore Park (1st June 2014)

I was kindly invited along by members of the Porsche Club UK who hold an endurance race each month, this time at Buckmore Park. Sixteen drivers took to the grid in a close battle, lasting 45 minutes. It’s the first endurance race I’ve done in a while so great to get back in a kart and battle for a podium place. Conditions were good, and the Sodi RT8 karts drove excellently, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to improve on my qualifying position and ended up finishing 5th, 0.1 seconds behind 4th and 3 seconds off a podium place.


  • PCGB Round 5, Buckmore Park Qualifying (1st June 2014)

Qualifying video from the Porsche Club UK’s monthly race, this time at Buckmore park. My fastest lap was a 51.642, putting me into 4th place of 16 drivers.


  • BHP Show, Lydden Hill 2 (5th May 2014)

My second session on track at the BHP show after this mornings run. The front left tyre was pretty worn down from this mornings session due to the nature of the track so took it a bit steady. The session was cut short due to a red flag, as another driver put their car into the tyres.


  • BHP Show, Lydden Hill 1 (5th May 2014)

My first ever session around Lydden Hill so took a few laps to get the hang of the circuit and getting the car up to temperature. It coped pretty well. The rear end started to get a bit twitchy as the tyres overheated (Pressures too high) towards the end of the session, but it was still an enjoyable session. Managed a couple of over takes and didn’t get passed too often.


  • Japfest 2, Donington Park (7th July 2013)

Donington is a fantastic circuit so it was great to return here for the second time. After passing the noise tests with the exhaust bung installed, took to the track passing everything in my way! Towards the end, I went into the final chicane a bit too hot, causing the rear to spin out facing me the wrong way. Just glad my friend in the Toyota Corolla AE86 didn’t hit me as I was sitting right on the apex.